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Britney Spears - Womanizer preview

Britney Spears

Dupa ce Britney a impuscat trei premii din trei nominalizari la VMA, lumea a inceput s-o iubeasca din nou pe Britney. Fanii din umea intreaga asteapta cu sufletul la gura cel de-al saselea album al vedetei, Circus, care va aparea in magazine pe 2 decembrie. Pana atunci, un radio din Nashville, Tennesse, a difuzat un preview de 40 de secunde a piesei care va aparea oficial luni. Enjoy the preview!

Britney Spears - Womanizer preview

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votetheday.com spunea...

Well, we all know, that former pop princess have not been well recently: starting from divorce, lost custody of her children, and ending with hospitalization in a psychiatric ward.
Her last album, "Blackout", was no big success.
But at MTV VMAs Britney looked perfectly (conversely to last year performance), grabbed few awards and it seems like all problems are in the past now.
The talks are going, that she is recording new album, due in December, and its first single will be released in November, followed by spectacular performances.
Is this will start the second era of Britney Spears?

20 septembrie 2008, 19:16
AlinaP spunea...

You are right in what you're saying, she is on the right track. But I must disagree with you : you said the Blackout was no big succes, well I would say it was! She had big sales, many promoted songs and she did won 3 awards at the WMAs with songs from this album.

21 septembrie 2008, 08:50

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